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AlpVent GmbH ist ein Tochterunternehmen der AlpVent AG, einer erfolgreichen Schweizer Investment- und Beratungsfirma mit Sitz in der Hans-Sachs-Straße 16 in Klagenfurt. AlpVent investiert in erfolgsversprechende und innovative Start-ups und unterstützt beim Internationalisierungsprozess. Die Hauptaufgabe unseres Unternehmens ist sowohl der Vertrieb der eigenen Dienstleistungen, aber vor allem die Unterstützung anderer Start-ups in der DACH-Region.




AlpVent AG is a Swiss investment company investing in highly promising start-ups. As a result of 25 years of entrepreneurial experience we understand the needs of entrepreneurs extremely well. By offering our investment capital and management consulting services to our start-ups we do our best to provide so called smart money support.
Many start-up founders are excellent at developing products and services, however have difficulty promoting them. In order to support them, AlpVent has established a specialized sales department. We currently offer top sales and marketing package to enter market in German-speaking countries and countries of South-Eastern Europe. We are also targeting Central-European markets. We have over 10 investments in our portfolio. They are successful on the domestic and foreign markets. With our strategic guidance, they are able to move towards faster growth.

Key tasks:

  • participation in the preparation of the processes of the marketing department projects
  • participation in the preparation and implementation of AlpVent's marketing strategy
  • participation in the preparation of communication strategies for the products in AlpVent’s portfolio
  • managing and controlling web design projects and other digital communication channels
  • CO-developing digital marketing strategies
  • management, supervision and implementation of digital campaigns (and supervision of subcontractors)
  • setting up the analytics and reporting process for digital marketing
  • Integrated management of digital marketing projects

We expect from candidates:

  • dynamics and flexibility in fast changing situations,
  • proactivity and positive attitude,
  • an innovative work approach,
  • project management and team management skills,
  • high level of organization and self-initiative,
  • positive attitude towards teamwork, 
  • affinity to writing creative texts, 
  • very good knowledge of analytical tools (such as Google Anlytics),
  • very good knowledge of advertising platforms (Google AdWords, Facebook, ...),
  • good knowledge of SEO activities,
  • knowledge of open source CMS tools,
  • knowledge of CRM tools and marketing automation is an advantage,
  • knowledge of the Austrian, German and Swiss (digital) markets is an advantage,
  • excellent knowledge of English, knowledge of German is an advantage;
  • bachelor’s degree in appropriate bachelor programmes,

We offer to candidates:

  • regular employment with a 6-month trial period,
  • a well-organized working environment in an international investment company, based in Switzerland, the workplace is in Ljubljana, 
  • the opportunity to participate in a fast-growing team, with a focus on international sales, investment and fast startup growth, 
  • A role in development of go-to-market strategies for innovative startup products 
  • the possibility of promotion and education 

Required knowledge:

  • Google AdWords - advanced knowledge
  • Google Analytics - advanced knowledge
  • Communication management in social media - advanced knowledge
  • Advertising on social media - advanced knowledge
  • SEO - advanced knowledge

If you recognize yourself in the description, please send us your CV to: info@alpvent.com
Enclose your CV and explain in 3 sentences, why you are the best choice for our company. 
The job posting is open till 10.7.2018.